Sunday, March 27, 2011

Dell [XPS] M1710 video card Fix Oven

Dell [XPS] M1710 video card Fix Oven

Dell [XPS] M1710 video card Fix Oven

In the last week I turned on my Dell and I verticle green lines as footwear. Then, in the same direction there were when Windows is loaded. Plane crash after the Windows logo and give me a blue screen telling me that I should contact the seller and it is wrong memory.

I called Dell and went through a few diagnostic system, in the beginning, I can press F12 and enter the diagnosis. One day later, and said he did not do anything. Just a blank screen.

I ended up buying the extended warranty from Dell. They said it would take a week to get on the box was shipped out for me, and another week to repair. Up to $ 200 dollars later, I felt better than can be resolved.

Yesterday, I came across a video on how to cook your own graphics to life. I felt I was a little skeptical, but to get fixed since I am going to return it to Dell, and I have nothing to lose.

Well, it worked, and now I have an extended warranty, and I will not be used. After seeing the poor quality thermal grease they use, and I'm not sure I want them to be addressed. If there is such a thing happen again.

Dell, on the internet for nice tutorial to dismantle the laptop. # wp1019155

This includes the video card, but when you click, you can find all the necessary steps to dismantle the entire notebook.

This fix also works on standard-sized cards, video card, antiques and other points.

I'm sure it will void any warranty by Dell, but if it works, and it's free, why not?

If anyone else has any of them, can you please send the rest of your time and play time. I would like to know what the others get.

** Update **

A few days ago I received the replacement video card. I found when I took it away to check the thermal paste, a fingerprint on the chip and pulp. I know I did not. Perhaps Dell refurb shotty to piss people extended warranties and maintenance on these sales. I will keep this laptop until it explodes and buy something different next time.

Dell [XPS] M1710 video card Fix Oven

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